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Solvent Red 23 | C.I. No 26100 | CAS 201-638-4

Solvent Red 23 Dyes | CAS 201-638-4

Colorants Chem Pvt Ltd one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of high quality Solvent Red 23 Dyes in India to an industry wise customer base to meet International Industry standards. Solvent Dyes Red 23 is a Oil Soluble Solvent Dye having CAS number 201-638-4 having Molecular Weight 352.
The commercial names of Solvent Red 23 Dyes are Transparent Red GR, Elbasol Red P, Oil Scarlet G, Sudan Red BK, Fast Red HRR, Orbanol Red BSB. The physical appearance of Solvent Red 23 is Yellowish Red Powder.

Application of Solvent Red 23 Dyes | C.I. No 26100

Solvent Red 23 Dyes is used in colouring for Polystyrene, Estron, Polymethyl methacrylate, ABS Resin, Rigid polyvinyl chloride, Plastic, PS, HIPS, ABS, RPVC, PMMA, SAN, AS, Paint, Ball pen ink.

Technical Data Sheet

Product Name : Solvent Red 23

CAS No. : 85-86-9

Packing : 25 kgs HDPE Drum/Bag/Box

Sr. No. Test Specification
01 Type of Dye Solvent Dyes
02 Description Dark Red Powder
03 Hue Bright Red
04 Heat Resistance 200 C
05 Light Fastness 5
06 Acid Resistance 4
07 Alkali Resistance 4
08 Water Soluble % 1.0 max
09 Volatile matter @105 C 1.0 max
10 Tinting Strength 95-105
11 Use Coloring for polystyrene, estron, polymethyl methacrylate, ABS resin, rigid polyvinyl chloride, plastic, PS, HIPS, ABS, RPVC, PMMA, SAN, AS, paint, ball pen ink and the raw liquor of terylene fiber.
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