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Solvent Red 1 Dyes Manufacturers in India

Solvent Red 1 Dyes | CAS 1229-55-6

Colorants Chem Pvt Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of high-quality Solvent Red 1 Dyes in India to an industry-wise customer base to meet International Industry standards. Solvent Red 1 Dyes is a Oil Soluble Solvent Dye having CAS number 1229-55-6 having molecular weight 278.

The commercial names of Solvent Red 1 are Oil Red G, Sudan Red G, Polysolve Red 1, Amarsol Red G, Cosmetic Oil Red 12150, Dayglo Solvent Red 1, Elbaplast Red 2G, Fatsol Red G, HKenawax Red GD, Keyplast Red 2G, KPSolve Red A, Neeliglow Oil Red AB, Novasol Red R, Permalex Orange. The physical appearance of Solvent Red 1 is Bluish Red Powder.

Application of Solvent Red 1 Dyes

Solvent Red 1 Dyes is used in colouring for grease, Ink, Paint, Wax, Stationary, Plastics, PS, HIPS, RPVC, PMMA, AS.

Properties of Solvent Red 1 Dyes ● Light Fastness in PS 3-4 ● Melting Point 182 Degree Celsius

Technical Data Sheet

Product Name : Solvent Red 1

CAS No. : 1229-55-6

Packing : 25 kgs HDPE Drum/Box/Bag

Sr. No. Test Specification
01 Type of Dye Solvent Dyes
02 Chemical Class Monoazo
03 Physical Appearance Red Powder
04 Hue Red
05 Solubility In (at 20C) Butyl Cellosolve 3
Acetone 3
Methyl EthylKetone 6
Diacetone Alcohol 0.5
06 pH of 1% soln -
07 Dye Content 98%
08 Moisture Content -
09 Fastness Light 5
Alkali 4
Acid 4
10 Application Suitable for colouring for grease, ink, paint, wax, stationery, plastic, PS, HIPS, RPVC, PMMA, AS.
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