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Solvent Blue 70 Dyes Manufacturers in India

Solvent Blue 70 Dyes | CAS 12237-24-0

Colorants Chem Pvt Ltd one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of high quality Solvent Blue 70 Dyes in India to an industry wise customer base to meet International Industry standards.

Solvent Blue 70 Dyes is a Metal Complex Soluble Solvent Dye having CAS number 32724-62-2 and 61969-44-6 having Molecular Weight 530.

The commercial names of Solvent Dyes Blue 70 are Zapon Blue 807, Orasol Blue GL, Blue HL, Technosol Blue GL, Aizen Splion Blue 2BNH, Valifast Blue 2606, Bricosol Blue K2GV, Kayaset Blue K-FL, Keyplast Blue 6G, Metaplex Blue BL, Neozapon Blue FLE, Orasol Blue GL, Orgalon Blue 606, Rosafast Blue M3G, . The physical appearance of Solvent Blue 70 is Yellowish Blue Powder.

Application of Solvent Blue 70 Dyes | C.I. No 74400

Solvent Blue 70 Dyes is used in Wood stains, Wood coating, Printing ink, Aluminium foil colouring, Hot stamping foil colouring, Paints, Coating, Leather finishes, Baking finishes, Stationary ink and Plastic coating.

Properties of Solvent Blue 70 Dyes ● Light Fastness 5-6 Technical Data Sheet

Product Name : Solvent Blue 70

CAS No. : 12237-24-0

Packing : 25 kgs HDPE Drum/Bag/Box

Sr. No. Test Specification
01 Type of Dye Solvent Dyes
02 Chemical Class Phthalocyanine
03 Physical Appearance Blue Powder
04 Hue Blue
05 Solubility In Butyl Cellosolve 200 g/l
Acetone 200 g/l
Methyl EthylKetone 150 g/l
Diacetone Alcohol 100 g/l
06 pH of 1% soln 6.0 – 8.0
07 Dye Content (Spectrophotometer) >98%
08 Moisture Content 1 - 5%
09 Fastness (Lacquer) Light 6-7
Alkali 4-5
Acid 4-5
10 Application Wood stains, printing ink, aluminium foil colouring, hot stamping foil colouring, leather finish, baking finish, stationery ink, plastic coating.
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