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Basic Yellow 2 Dyes Manufacturers in India

Basic Yellow 2 Dyes | CAS 2465-27-2

Colorants Chem Pvt Ltd one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of high quality Basic Yellow 2 Dyes in India to an industry wise customer base to meet International Industry standards.

Basic Yellow 2 Dyes is a Basic Dye which in aqueous solution yields coloured cations. Basic Yellow 2 Dye has CAS number 2465-27-2 having Molecular Weight 303.

The commercial names of Basic Yellow 2 Dyes are Basic Auramine O, Auramine Yellow, . The physical appearance of Basic Yellow 2 is Yellow Powder.

Application of Basic Yellow 2 Dyes | C.I. No 41000

Basic Yellow 2 Dyes is used for Acrylic, Silk, Tannin mordant dyeing cotton dyeing, also can be used for Hemp, Paper, Leather and glue directly printing, discharge printing. Basic Yellow Dyes are also used in the preparation of colour which is used in Ink.

Properties of Basic Yellow 2 Dyes
● Soluble in cold water, hot water and in alcohol ● The dye powder is colourless in concentrated sulfuric acid ● The dye powder turns orange in concentrated nitric acid

Technical Data Sheet

Product Name : Basic Yellow 2

CAS No. : 2465-27-2

Packing : 25 Kg HDPE Drum/Bag/Box

Sr. No. Test Specification
01 Type of Dye Basic Dyes
02 Chemical Class Ketone Imine
03 Physical Appearance Yellow Powder
04 Hue Yellow
05 Solubility Soluble in Acetic Acid/ Water 50gm/L
06 Dye Content >98%
07 Light Fastness 4-5
08 Application Suitable for paper, inks, textiles
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