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Basic Red 18 Dyes Manufacturers

Basic Red 18 Dyes | CAS 14097-03-1

Colorants Chem Pvt Ltd one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of high quality Basic Red 18 Dyes in India to an industry wise customer base to meet International Industry standards.

Basic Red 18 Dyes is a Basic Dye which in aqueous solution yields coloured cations. Basic Red 18 Dye has CAS number 14097-03-1 having Molecular Weight 426.

The commercial names of Basic Red 18 Dyes are Cationic Red X-GTL, Synacryl Red 2G, Red GTL, Red GTL, Sevron Red GL, Sumiacryl Red G, Sumiacryl Red GT, Synacryl Fast Red 2G, Synacryl Red 2G. The physical appearance of Basic Red 18 is Red Powder.

Application of Basic Red 18 Dyes | C.I. 11085

Basic Red 18 is used for spell colour dye acrylic, also used for direct printing of acrylic fabric.

Properties of Basic Red 18 Dyes

● Water solubility in 30 degree celsius is 30g/l. The strong sulphuric acid to red light yellow, diluted into red. Acrylic dyeing with dark red light in tungsten filament is dark. In 120 degree celsius high temperature dyeing, coloured light unchanged. The dye solution should not be boiling. Compatibility value of three, the f value is 0.39

Technical Data Sheet

Product Name : Basic Red 18

CAS No. : 25198-22-5

Packing : 25Kg HDPE Drum/Box/Bag

Sr. No. Test Specification
01 Type of Dye Basic Dyes
02 Chemical Class Cationic Azo Dye
03 Physical Appearance Dark Red Powder
04 Melting Point 45.5°C - 46.5°C
05 Solubility Soluble in water at 60°C 30 g/l
06 Ironing Fastness 4-5
07 Light Fastness 6-7
08 Application Spell Color dye acrylic, Acrylic fiber, Coloring Textile
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